7 Different Types of Saws and their Uses

Types of Saws
types of saws

Saws have been a crucial man-made tool for over the past thousands of years to provide us with the required materials. Therefore, over the times, the usage of saws increased which made things a little tense for the traditional long saw. 

Thus, to cope with the various needs of its user’s there were many alterations made for the same. As a result, there were many specialized cutting tools are introduced that can be used for various activities. 

One may wonder, what might be so different in other saws than the traditional saw? Then the answer simply lies in the shape of the saw as well as on the count and the way its teeth are made.

Different Types of Saws and their uses:

That being said, let us discuss the different types of saws and their uses.

Band Saw:

A band saw or in other words, the bandsaw is a power saw which has a long and sharp blade which has a continuous set of toothed metal. Now, these toothed metals are stretched between two or in some cases more wheels in order to cut the material smoothly.

Due to such kind of construction and evenly distribution of the tooth load, the cutting process remains uniform as well as the ability to cut irregularly or in curved shape is achieved.

The minimum radius of the curve made with the band saw is determined by the width of the kerf. These band saws are usually motor-powered these days as of in the old days, line shaft version band saws were used, but those band saws now fall under the category of the antique now.


  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • Lumbering 

Scroll Saw:

A scroll saw can be termed as a type of saw which is small in shape and is operated with the help of either electricity or with the help of the pedal in order to cut the materials like wood, metal or some other material. 

The blades of the scroll saw are made with utmost fineness so that it can cut more smoothly than the power jigsaw as well as the hand coping saw or fretsaw.  

The name scroll saw is derived from the traditional scroll work, sculpturing ornaments with the help of the scroll-shaped head design tool.


  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • A common tool for the thicker intarsia projects

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Chain Saw:

A chain saw is no doubt one of the most used and a well-known saw out of them all. This is a portable and easily transportable cutting tool that can be carried in the hand and can be operated even more easily. 

The construction of the chain saw is made in the following way, a specialized set of teeth are attached to a rotating chain that drives along the guide bar and as a result, cut the material easily and effortlessly.


  • Tree felling
  • Limbing
  • Pruning
  • Cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppressions
  • Harvesting of firewood
  • Cutting ice or for ice sculpting

Compound Miter Saw:

The compound miter saw is a type of the miter saw, thus in order to understand the usage of the compound miter saw, one must understand the design of the miter saw first. 

A miter saw or some may call a mitre saw is a typical saw that can be used to cut accurate crosscuts and miters in the workpiece simply by positioning a premounted blade. These kinds of saw were composed of the back saw in the miter box but with the passage of time, these blades got some advancements and made them what they are today.

Now coming to the topic, the compound miter saw owns an added benefit of tilting its blade as well as its head on various angles. Due to these added features, the construction of the bevel cut was possible which revolutionized the trim work for homes. 


  • Picture frames making
  • Crown molding
  • Angled cuts in two planes

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Circular Saw:

A circular saw is more like a power saw that works with the help of the toothed, abrasive disc, or in some cases with the blade that rotates in a spinning motion in order to cut through various kinds of material. 

These types of saws are usually handheld and the most common trademark is Skil saw. The blades of the circular saw are also made as per the requirement, the most common of them are rip-cut, cross-cut, or a combination of both in some scenarios.

The circular saw is usually powered by electricity, a gasoline engine, or by a hydraulic motor.


  • Woodworking
  • Masonry cutting
  • Plastic working
  • metalworking

Reciprocating Saw:

A reciprocating saw is a machine-powered saw like others in this section but the mechanism behind the cutting action is more like a push and pull motion, hence the name reciprocating saw.

These kinds of saws are also known as hognose or recip saw, as such, they have a large blade that resembles the jigsaw structure. Apart from this, it also has a foot structure on the base making it more similar to the jigsaw.


  • Construction or demolition work

Table Saw:

A table saw can also be identified as a saw bench or bench saw as such it has a circular saw blade which is mounted on an arbor or a table and is driven with the help of an electric motor. 

The blade in this tool protrudes through the top of the given table or bench in order to obtain support while cutting the materials like wood and various others. 


  • Ripping
  • Crosscutting
  • Bevel cuts
  • Cutting joints like lap, tenon, dado, dovetail, and reinforced miter
  • Kerfing


In a nutshell, if you are looking for a looking for a replacement of your traditional hand saw then you must opt for one of these saws in order to make your working experience more convenient. 

Stay tuned with us to know more. 

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